How to manage and add contacts in your Lovingly Account.

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Your Lovingly Account Contacts include all of your customer information, including contact information for customers that have placed orders through your Lovingly Store as well as customers you’ve manually entered via your Lovingly POS. 

To add a new contact through your POS, choose the type of contact from the pop-ip menu (Person, Business, or Florist) and enter the customer’s information in the “Add Contact” section. You can also include customer notes, such as, “No lilies in arrangements,” or “Use side door for deliveries.” 

To mark a contact as Tax Exempt, select the type "Person," then add their organization name and Tax Exempt Number at the bottom of the contact form. 

You can also head to the Marketing tab and click on "Contacts" to add a new one or edit.

Click “Save” when you’re finished to save your new contact. 

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