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Welcome to Lovingly! The first thing you’ll receive from us is an email containing your username and account number

Follow the link in the email to start setting up your new Lovingly account. 

Terms and Conditions: You’ll be directed to a login page and prompted to accept the Lovingly Terms and Conditions. Check the box and click “I Agree” to accept. 

Password: Type the password you’d like to use for your account into both fields, then click “Submit.”

Login: Enter your username (you’ll find it in your Welcome email) and your new password in the next screen, then click “Login.” 

Security PIN: After logging in for the first time, you’ll be prompted to set up your security PIN. The PIN allows sensitive information, such as financial reports, to be stored behind an extra layer of security. Click “OK! Let’s Go” to set your PIN. 

Enter a 4-digit PIN that will be easy for you to remember, then click “Submit Your PIN.” 

To complete your security setup, enter a cell phone number that can be used in case you forget your PIN. Don’t worry, this number won’t be used for anything else. Click “Submit Phone Number” and you’re all set!

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