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Set your store hours, holiday closures, and cut-off times
Set your store hours, holiday closures, and cut-off times

Easily change your operating hours, closures, and cut-off times for same-day delivery and pick up.

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To set your hours and schedule, navigate to Settings and click Hours & Closures. Then click the Standard Hours tab.

  1. First, use the toggles to set your shop as opened (pink) or closed (gray) for both delivery and pickup.

  2. Next, set your physical store hours by selecting the correct times from the drop-down menu.

  3. To finish, set your cut-off times for delivery and pickup. Make sure to always hit SAVE after making any changes to your shop's hours and closures.

PRO TIP: For maximum order volume, we recommend delivery cut-off after 2 pm and pick up cut-off an hour before your shop closes.

Please note that changes made in the Standard Hours tab are recurring and will apply to all corresponding days going forward. 

Holiday Hours

If you’d like to close your shop for a specific holiday only, please use the Holiday Hours tab. Here's how.

Temporary Hours

If you’d like to temporarily change your store hours, please use the Temporary Hours tab. Here's how.

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