We’re proud to offer our completely unique Lovingly Exclusive feature, a Florist's Choice Lovingly Store theme. Lovingly Exclusive lets you continue accepting orders—and clear your coolers—by specially promoting Florist’s Choice on your website. 

Please note, customers will be able to place advance orders from your full website until the first day that Lovingly Exclusive activates.

Click here to access the product tour in your Lovingly Account.

With Lovingly Exclusive, you have two options:

Promoted: Florist’s Choice will be promoted to your shoppers first, but they can also order your regular products for delivery or pick up during the activated date range.

Exclusive: Florist’s Choice will be the only product that shoppers can purchase for delivery or pick up during the activated date range.

Lovingly Exclusive is available during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. 

To set up this feature:

Navigate to the Lovingly Exclusive section of your Customization Controls. 

You’ll see Mother's Day and Christmas listed (Valentine's Day will be added closer to that holiday). Click the pink pencil next to the holiday you’d like to configure. This puts you in Edit mode, so you can configure the settings for that holiday. 

First, select the dates that you’d like to use the Exclusive theme, from the available holiday range. 

Next, choose the behavior of the Lovingly Exclusive theme—Promoted, which means shoppers can still select other products, or Exclusive, which means shoppers can only purchase Florist’s Choice for the date range. 

Then, when you’ve configured your settings, select “Enabled” to schedule the theme. Once the theme is marked Enabled, it will automatically activate on the first day of the date range you selected.  

Lastly, don’t forget to click SAVE to save your changes! 

Repeat these steps to configure each holiday as needed. 

When should you use Lovingly Exclusive? 

Lovingly Exclusive is available on select dates leading up to the busiest floral holidays: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas. 

To give customers the best selection you can support, use your regular Lovingly Store as long as possible. Use the Promoted configuration when you’re starting to run low on specific flowers, and use the Exclusive configuration when otherwise, you’d have to stop accepting orders entirely. 

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