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Create a custom homepage product schedule

Create a custom schedule for a short-term event or promotion.

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In addition to editing default schedules, you can also make a custom schedule using any date range and products you choose. 

Custom schedules let you create a short-term homepage schedule, great for selling overstocked products or for temporary sales. When you create a custom schedule, it will override the default schedule for that period of time. Once the custom schedule ends, your homepage will revert to the active default schedule. 

To create a custom schedule, click the “Customizations” icon (the bottom icon) on the Lovingly Account menu. If you have PIN protection enabled, you’ll need to enter your PIN in order to access the customization options. 

Next, click “Homepage Products” to access your homepage product schedule, and then click “Schedule New” to create a new custom homepage product schedule.

First, add a descriptive name and a date range for your custom schedule. (Note, custom schedules can run for a maximum of 30 days. Custom schedules override default schedules, but cannot overlap with other custom schedules.)

To add a product to your homepage, go to the product bank on the left side of your screen. You can type the name or SKU number of a specific product into the search bar, select the Filters icon to apply product filters (like categories and flower type), or start selecting products to add directly from the bank. 

To select a product to add to your schedule, just click on it in the product bank. Once selected, a product will be highlighted and show a pink checkbox. You can select as many products as you’d like, and then click “Add Selected” to add those products to your schedule. They will be added to the bottom of the schedule in the order you selected them. 

To rearrange the products on your homepage, click a product and drag it to the position you want. The order your products show here in Lovingly Account is the order they will show on your homepage. 

Adding Product Flags

For each homepage schedule you have a total of six product flags you can add. At the top of your homepage schedule in edit mode, you will see a tally for each of the flags (how many you have in use/out of how many are available). 

To add a tag, click the three dots (options) on a product, hover over “Mark as” and attribute a tag to that product. To remove a tag, hover again on “Mark as” and you will see the bottom option is “Remove Tag.” 

If you cannot click a product flag (the text is grayed out and can’t be selected), that means you’re already using all the available flags for that text. You’ll need to remove the flag from another product in order to add it to a new one. 

Conversion Rate Note: Product flags will immediately draw your customer’s eye! Make sure to add some flags to pull customers in and encourage them to click.

Keep in mind, you must add at least 6 products to your custom homepage schedule. We recommend that you add 15 products, giving your customers a wide array of options to browse. 

Once you are happy with the products, the order they’re displaying in, and the flag selections, click “Save” in the upper right hand corner to save your custom schedule. 

You’ll see your custom schedules listed chronologically with the default schedules. (Custom schedules are slightly indented to the right.) To delete a custom schedule, click on the schedule and then click the pink trash can icon. To make changes to your custom schedule, click the Edit button. 

Please note, once a custom schedule is live, the date range cannot be edited. To remove a live custom schedule, you can delete it and your homepage will revert back to the active default schedule. 

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