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What's Lovingly Shop PRO?

It’s the highest level of Lovingly features and services that online customers love, that makes you more money, and that helps you better manage your business. And we’re constantly adding more!

Pssst...If you have access to Florist's Choice PLUS or any of the Lovingly PRO-only features and services listed below that give your business a competitive edge, you're already Lovingly PRO.

The most sought-after Lovingly PRO features include:

Buy Now, Pay Later Online Customer Payment Option

Proven to drive online sales, Klarna gives customers the option to pay for their purchase in four interest-free payments.

Since its inception in Feb. 2022, this tool has collectively generated over 10K orders and more than $1M in sales for the Lovingly-affiliated florists who’ve used it.

“We love Florist’s Choice PLUS for the big floral holidays. Our online customers appreciate the simplicity, and it allows us to sell what we have in stock, so we have less spoilage, too!”

~ Cara D., a Lovingly-affiliated florist in Minneapolis, MN

To improve your shop website's search rankings, these city landing pages* include the locations beyond your shop's home city, where you also deliver flowers.

*Requires having at least one delivery zone of $9.99 or less

AI-driven AI assistant automates responses to all your Google Business Profile (GBP) reviews.

You know that custom content boosts your search rankings. Be sure to add your background, stories, awards, and affiliations, certifications, partnerships, and more. Ask your dedicated Online Business Coach or Digital Marketing Specialist to help you enrich your ABOUT US landing page. Just call 800-533-7887 or email help@lovingly.com.

Originally developed during the pandemic, GNDL has become a florist safety net today. It’s a way to keep orders coming in online even if you’re unable to deliver right away.

“Since its inception, the Lovingly Gift Now, Deliver Later tool has saved over 4,500 orders that our partner shops would have otherwise lost.”

~ Daniela Marquez, Lovingly Chief of Staff

Delivery Tips & Shop Add-Ons

This Lovingly checkout feature has generated $260K in incremental revenue for PRO level shops. Lovingly passes 100% of this directly to partner florists. It’s a testament to the generosity of online customers who contribute a little extra to their order at checkout.

“Wow! I love this checkout option for our online customers. I’m amazed how quickly driver tips and shop contributions add up, and it’s wonderful that Lovingly gives us 100% of this.”

~ Oriana M., a Lovingly-affiliated florist in Winnipeg, MB

If you’d like to have an item available in your Lovingly POS but not for sale on your Lovingly Shop website, you can add it as a custom POS-only product.

This custom feature* allows you to include wine, champagne, and more for your online customers.

*Dependant on state eligibility

Guided Online Gifting/Conversational Sales Assistant

This innovative feature helps online customers just as you would if they were in your store. This Lovingly-exclusive tool starts with “Who are you thinking of today?” then personalizes an entire online shopping conversation that ends with ordering the perfect gift for any occasion.

“Reviews from customers who use the Conversational Ecommerce Sales Assistant online tool on Lovingly shop sites average 4.83! It helps florists extend the TLC that they give in-store customers to those who are online.”

~ Amy Nightingale, Lovingly Senior Product Manager

Lovingly Shop PRO florist partners get all this, plus all the behind-the-scenes benefits of online search and sales testing optimizations to drive more traffic and sales on your website. It’s what makes Lovingly so much more than just a website. In fact, Lovingly partners receive nearly $60K in features and services value per year. This is even before you factor in the value of the time you save and your business reputation builders.

Lovingly Shop PRO florist partners help cover the cost of these features and services with a one-time only online service fee at checkout. This only applies to online customers the first time they make a purchase on a shop site.

Consumers who make online purchases today understand that fees come with the convenience of online shopping and appreciate it being waived as a loyalty reward for subsequent purchases.

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